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Taming my inner fat kid...
Progress! 17 Weeks Out

Ok, so I’m 17 weeks out from my competition, which seems so far away but really isn’t. Basically, after I get back from Ireland there’s no time for messing around.  From then on, it’s two a days and grilled chicken. I’ve made progress but not nearly as much as I’d hoped, so it’s encouraging and disappointing at the same time and I’m trying hard not to get stressed. Starting my journey in August here were my measurements:

Chest - 35”
Waist - 28”
Hips - 33”
Thighs - 23.5”
And as of today, here are my measurements:
Chest- 34”
Waist - 26.5”
Hips - 32”
Thighs - 22”
There’s definite overall improvement there, which is good, but I’ve got a LOT more fat to shed and some muscle mass to put on in these next few weeks.  I may even have to push my goal date to a show in the beginning of May :-( Let’s hope not, but I’ve really got to kick some ass here in the next 17 weeks.